3 weeks to start

On Thursday the 21st an information meeting was held for the sailors of the F18 Raid World Championship. The meeting had 3 agenda points

  • Race information
  • Logistics and accommodation
  • Gear and safety

Scroll to 9 minutes to skip the pre-talk.

Håkan Andersson, Race Officer, and Lars Linder, Chair of the race organisation

Some high lights:

Håkan talked about the race and the importance of reading through the Sailing Instructions (when published) and the rules. There is a high point system and the race committee can shorten the race for the last boats that will then get a point deduction, but they are still in the race.

Lars informed about logistics and what to expect when arriving in Saltsjöbaden and tips on accommodation, importance of having papers in order, the measurement of the boats and where to park cars and trailers during the race etc. He continued to talk about the finish in the city of Stockholm, where to take the boats out of the water, the price giving etc.

Some tips was shared about what to bring and not to bring, the common toolbox and spareparts and how that works.

Richard talked about the film and media production that will deliver both daily updates, short films, reels, interviews every day and a longer film afterwards. TracTrac will be used to trac all boats and how they choose their ways through the rocks and skerries of the archipelago.

Check out the whole presentation here.