12 teams signed-up in the first 6 days

6 days after opening the event in 2024 for sign-up 12 teams from 3 countries had signed-up already. As usual there is a limit of 30 team for logistical and safety reasons. Don’t wait to long to secure your place!

Ida Svensson and Therese Antman competed in 2016. They think more women should try the raid. We could not agree more.

Many women have competed since Dame Ellen MacArthur participated in 2003, 2006 and 2008. Carolijn Brouwer, olympic sailor known from Volvo Ocean Race, also participated several times both with and without her husband Darren Bundock. From Sweden the current Nacra 17 sailor Ida Svensson sailed several times. But also a long range of good female club sailors from Denmark, the Netherlands, South Africa, France, Austria, The UK and Sweden have participated proving that it is not only Pro sailors who can make it.

Read about the adventure on Ellens own words: https://www.sail-world.com/Australia/Ellen-MacArthurs-Archipelago-Raid/-45782

In 2024 we welcome more female sailors to the event, either as all-female or mixed teams!