18 teams from 6 countries signed up already

With two and a half months until start 18 teams have already signed up. They come from Sweden,  France, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Finland. Still plenty of time to sign up for the big adventure, but the early bird entry fee offering ends by the end of this week (15th of June).

It can already be said that the level of competition is going to be high. The top three teams from 2024 (all Swedes) are all back and they will face fierce competition this year.  For example from

  • Germany the Wunderle brothers Manuel and Fabian with multiple german national F18 titles. under their belt.
  • France brothers Emeric and Félix Dary winners of the eurocat and 11th at the Worlds in 2023 and french champions 2022.
  • The Netherlands Ad Noordzij and Arthur Moerman winners of the Martinique Cataraid earlier this year.

In the Mixed class 3  raid experienced teams have signed up to date.

  • The former raid champions Jan Jensen and Penny Wyon (DEN)
  • Christian Schütz, who sailed the raid 5 times before and completed the Worrel 1000 earlier this spring, now sailing with his daughter Katharina. 
  • Thomas and Pippi Windrike (SWE), former winners of the mixed class.

The youth team Edwin Åberg and Theodor Norrby (SWE) are back, now with a top notch C2. They have an amazing learning curve and are totally fearless. They can definatly challenge the best Swedish and international teams about a place on the podium if the winds play in their favour.

As mentioned in a previous post we are also happy to welcome back the legendary sailors Anders Lewander, a raid veteran and winner of the Archipelago Raid 2003, again sailing with Hanse Thorslund. Together they sailed the raid many times and now look forward to the adventure and to hang loose in the wire once again.

The world record holder of sailing a boat backwards (from Åland to Sweden!) Mikael Sommansson Richter, is back and said he promise to sail his F18 with the bows in the front and rudders in the back. It might not be enough for the podium, but should improve his chances of getting around the course. 

There is still place for more teams to join the big adventure. Sign up this week to enjoy the best price. 

Signed up to date (2024-06-10):

Sail number Skipper Name Nationality Crew Name Crew nationality
DEN 11 Jan Hedmann Jensen Denmark Penelope Wyon Denmark
FRA 7 Emeric Dary France Félix Dary France
GER 33 Manuel Wunderle Germany Fabian Wunderle Germany
GER 340 Christian Schütz Germany Katharina Schütz Germany
NED 3 Kees Wiersema Netherlands Rob Schutte Netherlands
NED 15 Ad Noordzij Netherlands Arthur Moerman Netherlands
SWE 380 Wouter Faber Netherlands Clemens Fleige Germany
SWE 1 Lars Linder Sweden Erik Brunnberg Sweden
SWE111 Jacob Lundqvist Sweden Oscar Lundqvist Sweden
SWE789 Thomas Windrike Sweden Pippi Windrike Sweden
SWE 363 Edvin Åberg Sweden Theodor Norrby Sweden
SWE 78 Anders Mårten Sweden Mikael Sommansson Richter Sweden
SWE 007 Fredrik Karlsson Sweden Niklas Nordblom Sweden
SWE 4 Magnus Bergendahl Sweden Jonas Jonzon Sweden
SWE 888 thomas Blomborn Sweden Janne Jaakkola Finland
SWE 64 Peter Busck Sweden TBD  
SWE130 Jakob Palmblad Sweden Oscar Wetterling Sweden
SWE 59 Anders Lewander Sweden Hanse Thorslund Sweden