Return of the jedis

One of the teams who has signed up for 2024 is the winner of  one of the first editions of the original Archipelago Raid back in 2003. Back then Atlant Ocean Racing had just created the concept and ran the extreme raid to Åland and back for the third time. Anders Lewander, one of the most well known sailors in Sweden, participated 6 times before 2010 which probably makes him the person who participated more than anyone else in the original version. The last three times he sailed with Hanse Thorslund, another well known Swedish sailor.

It is with great pleasure we welcome this legendary team back to the raid. I asked them about their previous experience and why they are coming back, 15 years after the last time.

1) How many times did you participate in the old ”Archipelago Raid” and when was the last time?
Anders: I did the raid 6 times, in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2009
Hanse: I participated  3 times, in 2005, 2006 and 2009

2) what is the strongest memory you have from that?
Hanse: Shortcut sailing into Kökar in Finland on very shallow and rocky waters. 😅
Anders; The final leg 2003 from Ornö to Gustavsberg with a hard hard workout before winning the 2003 edition with Calle Hennix. And YES Hanse, all the crazy Åland experiences!

3) What do look forward to in your participation this year?
Hanse; The raid atmosphere, hanging on the wire and fun racing in our beutiful Stockholm archipelago.
Anders; Living the dream – a deep bowing to the unique Archipelago experience- the enormous friendship and the “offroad” play tool, the F18 going wild!

Well, what can we say more than a huge welcome back. May the force be with you!

/Lars Linder

Photo cred from the 2006 edition to Thierry Martinez



12 teams signed-up in the first 6 days

6 days after opening the event in 2024 for sign-up 12 teams from 3 countries had signed-up already. As usual there is a limit of 30 team for logistical and safety reasons. Don’t wait to long to secure your place!

Ida Svensson and Therese Antman competed in 2016. They think more women should try the raid. We could not agree more.

Many women have competed since Dame Ellen MacArthur participated in 2003, 2006 and 2008. Carolijn Brouwer, olympic sailor known from Volvo Ocean Race, also participated several times both with and without her husband Darren Bundock. From Sweden the current Nacra 17 sailor Ida Svensson sailed several times. But also a long range of good female club sailors from Denmark, the Netherlands, South Africa, France, Austria, The UK and Sweden have participated proving that it is not only Pro sailors who can make it.

Read about the adventure on Ellens own words:

In 2024 we welcome more female sailors to the event, either as all-female or mixed teams!

Willkommen. Bien venue. Welcome.

Trip down memory lane to the 2019 edition

Sign up for the 2024 edition is open. Sign up here to secure your place, maximum 30 teams.

The concept will be similar to many of the past years with four full days of sailing in the inner our outer archipelago depending on the weather forecast and sea conditions. Each day the fleet will finish close to a base camp offering a sauna, a good dinner and a bed under a roof. Start and finish takes place in Saltsjöbaden and the course will take the fleet through the Central and Northern parts of the Stockholm Archipelago with base camps on the islands of Sandhamn/Lökholmen, Lidö (last time in 2006) and Nässlingen. Weather permitting the raid might round the remote iconic islands of Arholma and Söderarm further North than any raid in the past 15 years.

For the 25th anniversary in 2025 the plan is to do a more physically demanding 5 day raid in the spirit of the original Archipelago Raid. The venue will be Åland and/or Stockholm Archipelagos and it will be a more physically demanding raid possibly allowing some paddling, sleeping in tents and a maximum 25 teams for safety and logistical reasons. 

Very welcome to the Stockholm Archipelago Raid 2024.

Partnership with Seapax

Stockholm Archipelago Raid is happy to announce a new partnership with Seapax, the leading Swedish maritime safety company since 2005. 

– The Stockholm Archipelago Raid is well known to be one of the most challenging catamaran races in the world and sea safety is essential. It is a great match with our brand and we are proud to be partners and happy to be able to offer the best safety equipment on the market for special prices for the participants and the safety organisation, says Seapax CEO Christina Frii.

– Seapax is a prominent supplier of sea safety equipment that supplies the Swedish Sea Rescue SSRS among others. Part of their product line is essential for raid participants. We are very happy about the partnership since safety is paramount for the event organisation, says Lars Linder Project Manager of the Stockholm Archipelago Raid.

All participants are offered a general discount valid in the webbshop and in Seapax store on Rålambshovsleden 42. Archipelago Raid – Seapax .

Free of charge delivery to KSSS in Saltsjöbaden will be arranged for foreign teams that wish to order equipment just in time for the start.

Sign up 2024 starts on the 2nd of April

From Tuesday the 2nd of April teams can sign up for the 2024 edition starting on the 22nd of August. Maximum 30 teams will .

Tha Stockholm Archipelago Raid will be a 4 day adventure starting from the KSSS club at Saltsjöbaden. There are three base camps; Lökholmen/Sandhamn day 1, Lidö day 2 and Nässlingen day 3. Lökholmen and Nässlingen are old favorites visited many times before. But the last stop over at Lidö was in 2005 when Ellen McArtur left the British Telecom striped sails up all night Saving valuable time in the early morning hour. Lidö is under new management since a couple of years and the restaurant has gained good reputation. It will be nice to be back!

Teams who like the concept of 4 days of intense sailing, good food, sauna and a real bed to tuck in to for a good nights sleep should definitely join this year. For the 25th edition the plan is a more extreme 5 day version in the Åland archipelago. 

Welcome to the Stockholm Archipelago Raid 2024

/Lars Linder

Dates set for the 24th edition

Demesmaeker / Gagliani (BEL) in the lead 2021

The dates for the 2024 edition of the raid in the Stockholm Archipelago are set to 22nd to 25th of August. It will be a raid with 4 full days of sailing and start and finish in Saltsjöbaden close to Stockholm. The course will go through the Central and Northern parts of the Stockholm Archipelago with base camps on the islands of Sandhamn/Lökholmen, Lidö (last time in 2005) and Nässlingen.

Illustrative course: (sailed way would be at least 20% longer)

An extra effort will be made to get more top female and youth sailors to join. Maximum 30 boats with the aim to have women and/or youth sailors onboard at least 10 of these boats.

Jay and Lucy (AUS) 2018

For the 25th anniversary in August 2025 the plan is to do a 5 day raid in the spirit of the original Archipelago Raid. The venue will be Åland and/or Stockholm Archipelagos and it will be a more physically demanding raid with more sailing per day, maybe some paddling allowed, possibly sleeping in tents to allow more flexibility. Maximum 25 teams for safety and logistical reasons. Less experienced F18 sailors are recommended to do the 2024 edition as a qualifier.

Lundqvist/Nordblom win after consistent performance

Day 1

The first two days offered light winds between almost nothing to 15+ knots in the peaks. Therefore, all legs day 1 and 2 were basically the shortest way to the next stop in order to finish the race in time for lunch break or sauna and dinner. As always there were some route options and in race 1 the team Dahl/Bodén was way ahead of the rest of the fleet but got stuck in a lull and was passed by the entire fleet who sailed another way and caught the gusts of some rain clouds.

The wind picked up significantly during the second race offering some double trapeze tacking the last stretch to Base Camp 1 at Rånö. One boat lost the mast but was towed to Rånö and managed to repair during the evening. 

Day 2

The conditions day two were also light with long upwind legs on starboard tack. The tactical complication was whether am easterly shift would come or not and if so how big it would be. It did come and Linder/Brunnberg who were betting on the shift to come were rewarded with a lift that got them first to the finish at the spectacular Huvudskär bay. The downwind start of leg 2 immediately split the fleet in two, some going a shorter way in between the islands and others a longer way but more open. One team, Bergmann/Pixell, unfortunately hit a underwater rock and damaged one hull and had to be towed to the finish in Sandhamn. A great dinner was served at the classic Sandhamns Värdshus before teams retired to navigational planning and their bunks to be ready for an early start day 3.

Day 3

Finally more wind, an unusual easterly breeze of about 12-18 knots was already on when the first warning signal sounded at 7 o’clock in the Sandham harbour. The teams set out to sea passing Björskär and Nassa and from there sending it in double trapeze pointing high while avoiding some nasty rocks on the way to the light house Morsken. A final upwind to the finish at Rödlöga where the remaining summer guests came out to watch as the catamarans filled the bay. They greeted the sailors by opening the café, offering coffee, hot dogs and pastries. Very popular.

After lunch the breeze was up even more. The course of leg 6 back to Sandhamn started with a long gennaker run pointing high for 15 minutes, then classic gybing passing the middle archipelago of Finnhamn with more trees on the islands. From there upwind out on the open sea again bearing off and hoisting gennaker. The waves had now been building all day and came from two directions making this difficult and very wet. The last team went missing and did not answer any calls forcing the safety boat out for a search and rescue mission late at night. They were found sailing back only on the jib after some problems after capsize in heavy gusts.


That night the sauna felt better and the barbeque tasted better than ever and many stories were shared around the table.

Day 4

The final day offered champagne sailing in sunny weather and 10-15 knots of wind. After some initial follow-the-leader sailing there were some tactical choices to be made. Option 1 was to sail an inner way, clearly shorter but also some more islands potentially slowing the wind. Option 2 was an outer way, still passing may islands but more open. The fleet was split in two. Linder/Brunnberg went for the inner route followed by a bunch of teams and Dahl/Bodén made the other choice and other teams followed. After sailing for an hour and a half without seeing each other the top teams of both routes got contact some 10 minutes from finish and it turned out the two options left the teams in exactly the same positions as when they split. Dahl/Bodén won by 100 meters over Linder/Brunnberg. This is raid sailing in the archipelago at its best.

The final sprint leg (11 Nm) started with a downwind start that was quite messy and could have cased protests. But in the end, after 4 days of sailing, first place went to Jacob Lundqvist and Niklas Nordblom (SWE) who sailed the raid together for the first time. For Jacob it was his first win and for Niklas this was the 5th gold which makes him the sailors who won the raid most times.

The “master sailors” Lars Linder and Erik Brunnberg came 2nd and finished on the podium for the first time after having sailed more than 15 archipelago raids each. 3rd place to the former Raid World Champions (2017) Dahl/Bodén who sailed well the last to days snitching the bonze from the Becker brothers (NED) during the last day of sailing.

See results here.

Time to sign up now for early bird price

Tight racing between the top teams.

A change has been made to the Notice of Race and the 2023 course. The first base camp will be Rånö in the very south of the archipelago followed by 2 stop-overs at Sandhamn/Lökholmen. It means all teams can leave their bags one night and less logistics. But also that we can go further North on day three than originally planned.

On the second day the dinner will be at Sandhamn Wärdshus and on day three we plan to throw a barbeque at Lökholmen.  Since Sandhamn is easy accessible by public transport it will be possible for friends and famility to join us for dinner. Contact Lars Linder for arrangement.

The early bird discount is valid until the 30th of June, so still some time for sailors to sign up to get the best price.

Welcome to the Stockholm Archipealgo!

Sign up for 2023 started

After some initial delay the sign up for the Stockholm Archipelago Raid 2023 is now up and running. Don’t hesitate to sign up as soon as possible, there is a maximum of 30 places for safety and logistical reasons. Once you have signed up you have to complete your registration by paying the entry fee and thereby confirming your place.

This year the base camps are in the middle and southern parts of the archipelago, a little closer to each other than most years. This does not mean less sailing or shorter distances, but rather that the course might go more back and forth between check points and that more legs might consist of both upwind, downwind and reach.

Casper and Henki through Kallskär. 2022 day 3

Looking forward to seing you in Stockholm on the 23rd of August 2023!


On behalf of the Swedish F18 Association

Demesmaeker and Gagliani F18 Raid World Champions

After five day of intense sailing, crisscrossing thru the Stockholm Archipelago the 29 F18 catamarns finally reached the finish In the middle of Stockholm, close to the famous Wasa Museum. It was a close fight all the way in, between Team Patrick Demesmaeker / Olivier Gagliani from Belgium and the Swedes Jakob Lundqvist / Rasmus Rosengren. Eventually tit was the belgiens who took the gold, leaving Jakob och Rasmus with the silver. Another Swedish team, Fredrik Karlsson och Niklas Nordblom took bronze.

– It was stressful in the beginning, we were very close with Jakob and Rasmus all the way, said Patrick after the finish. Not until we could pass them, about 10 minutes before the finish we could relax.

– Before the race we said that anything could happen today, commented Olivier Gagliani. And almost everything happened.

The first race of the last day started in very light winds and thru a part of the archipelago which is quite dense, wit narrow straits and high islands. There was to obvious routes, on longer and more open. One narrower and shorter. The field split with approximately half boats on each course. Coming int the finish at Grinda it showed that the narrower part had been a little better. Interesting was that the leader boats choosed to change from the one to the other and made a massive loss. So before the start oft the last race Demesmaeker / Gagliani had just one point more than Lundqvist / Rosengren. Now the wind picked up and it became a long upwind into Stockholm. It became something like a match race between the two top boats. And at the end Demesmaeker / Gagliani could pass the Swedes and bring home the Gold to Belgium.

 Of course a silver gives somewhat mixed feelings, said Jakob Lunqvist after the race. There are like just two kinds of persons, those who are world champions, and those who are not. But we couldn’t match their speed. But it is the first time we sail together so, we are happy with the silver.

The best finish however, was performed by the team Fredrik Karlsson and Niklas Nordblom. By hoisting the gennacker about 25 meters before the finish line they managed to pass one boat and gaining the single point more that they needed to get the bronze.
All and aa, it has been a fantastic World Championship, with very varied, but just conditions. Although there are plenty of daggerboards that will need some love before next sailing, there have been no serious incidents. And on the dock at Djurgården we saw a lot of happy faces.

Day 4: …And action!

On the Saturday we were treated with true action sailing. The expected hard and gsutsy breeze did really kick in an send the racers off in smoking down wind start. We saw speeds in the 20 knot range and knowing that any minor mistake would cause a crash made the sailor fully focused. After the down wind leg came a short upwind and after that a long hard beam reach in about 20 knots of wind with gusts at 28. You could see expressions of utter joy shifting to fear and back again in the faces of the sailors.

It is very tight in the top, but the Swedish team Lundqvist,Rosengren took the lead early and the Belgians Demesmaeker, Gagliani wre further down the line, but have during the race showed a unique capacity to work their way up in the field. Despite the hard and gusty wind there was no severe breakage or incidents. Actually it was more dramatic during the night when a squall hit the harbour at Fejan. A F18 catamaran that was moored by one of the safety RIBs was lofted by the almost 50 knots wind and tipped over and pulled the Rib with it, and both landed upside down on the quay. Miraculously none of the bot were damaged and ad could serve in the race on Saturday.
Back to the race. On the way towards the finish at Nässlingen was another screaming beam reach and when team Lunqvist, Rosengren suffered a minor technical problem, it caused a capsize and Demesmaeker, Gagliani and two other teams could pass. The Australians Burvill, Skewes did also make decents race and the top three before the last day of racing now looks like this:

  1. Patrick Demesmaeker,Olivier Gagliani Belgien 202 points
  2. Jakob Lundqvist, Rasmus Rosengren Sverige 196 points
  3. Brett Burvill, Bailey Skewes Australien 179 points

Due to increasing winds no more races will be sailed on the Saturday.

Day 3: Young Swedish guns still close to the top after hard fights in light winds.

We were looking forward to a day of fast sailing and a long stretch from Sandhamn to Fejan in the north end of the Archipelago. But, the forecast didn’t match reality. No wind. First start was postponed and the race officer decided to tow the boats to the first checkpoint and shortened the course. The wind did come eventually, and it turned out to be a rather tricky race, where standings changed all the way. In the top though, it was the same gang. First the Belgian team, Patrick Demesmaeker and Olivier Gagliani, second Fredrik Karlsson and Niklas Nordblom who did a magnificent comeback after hitting rocks in race four on Thursday. On third place another couple of swedes Jakob Lundqvist and Rasmus Rosengren. So after five races Demesmaeker, Gagliani and Lundqvist, Rosengren shared equal point in the overall standing.

After lunch at the beautiful Rödlöga a steady 8 knots south easterly wind prevailed and sent the racers on a long downwind stretch. Passing through the really narrow strait at Norrpada, where only one team did have a casual encounter with the Swedish granite. It was a tight fight all the way to the finish line and we could really feel that the competitive temperature is rising. On third place was Demesmaeker, Gagliani , second twin brothers Becker from Holland. First was the young swedes Lundqvist and Rosengren. This will also make Demesmaeker, Gagliani the overall leader tonight. But with just three points margin to Lundqvist, Rosengren. Tomorrow forecasts says 20 to 26 knots of wind, but hey we heard that one before…

Day two: A day of tactics into the fog, and a Swedish team in the lead.

The start of the sailing on the was postponed due to prognosis of light winds. And the teams could have a soft wake up in the morning. The start was set to 11 o’clock and by then there was warm weather and a steady breeze at about 6 to 10 knots. The wind came from Northeast and it became a long upwind to Sandhamn. What also came in was fog.

Despite the sometimes bad visibility it turned out to be a day of a tactical game. Where it really paid off to find the right shifts. And Belgian team Patrick Demesmaeke and Olivier Gagliani won both races. But they are not on top of the podium. After four races Swedish team Jakob Lundqvist and Rasmus Rosengren are number one, second is Australians Brett Burvill and Bailey Skewes and on third Patrick Demesmaeke and Olivier Gagliani from Belgium. The difference however, between the three teams are just two points.

Tomorrow promise to be a highlight of the F18 Raid World Championships. The race will crisscross through the spectacular outer archipelago in three races, with more downwind than we have had up till know. Stay tuned.

Day one: What a wonderful Wednesday

In the morning the waters outside KSSS harbour in Saltsjöbaden looked smooth and shiny like a polished hood of car, the sun trickled through a light mist and the warm and humid air felt like a Turkish bath. Then the 29 focused teams launched their catamarans and slipped out to the start of race 1. However, the wind picked up and the first long upwind out in the archipelago started. The field stretched out with the predicted favorites steadily increasing their lead. The Belgian team with Patrick Demesmaeker and Olivier Gagliani took a reassuring lead all the way to the finish line. Despite the perfect conditions there were some teams who found under water rocks on their way and had to use the lunch brake for repairs. One team broke their sprit and had to resign, but they will be back tomorrow.

After lunch race Race 2 started with a long upwind out to the open sea and around one of the archipelagos larger islands, Utö. The breeze was steady and the tactical choice few, so this race proved to be something of a drag race. And it was a close all the way to the finish line. But first over the line was the Swedish team Jacob Lundqvist and Rasmus Rosengren.

Follow the race:

Live tracking: TracTrac







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