Dates set for the 24th edition

Demesmaeker / Gagliani (BEL) in the lead 2021

The dates for the 2024 edition of the raid in the Stockholm Archipelago are set to 22nd to 25th of August. It will be a raid with 4 full days of sailing and start and finish in Saltsjöbaden close to Stockholm. The course will go through the Central and Northern parts of the Stockholm Archipelago with base camps on three different islands with possibility to sleep in a bed and to eat good food in restaurants each day.

An extra effort will be made to get more top female and youth sailors to join this year. Maximum 30 boats with the aim to have women and youth onboard at least 10 of these boats.

Jay and Lucy (AUS) 2018

For the 25th anniversary in August 2025 the plan is to make a 5 day raid in the spirit of the original Archipelago Raid. The venue will be Åland and/or Stockholm Archipelagos and it will be a tougher raid with more sailing per day, maybe allowing paddling, sleeping in tents and more physically demanding. Maximum 25 teams for safety and logistical reasons. Less experienced F18 sailors are recommended to do the 2024 edition as a qualifier.