Probably the toughest cat race in the world

6 days remains until the start of Stockholm Archipelago Raid, which is also the 2017 World Championship for F18 long distance racing (raid). 27 teams from 6 countries have signed up for this adventure that is really tough and demanding. The sailors have to push their boats really hard and at the same time navigate at high speed through the 36 000 islands and rocks of the Stockholm Archipelago to find all Check Points along the course.

The starts are scheduled for sunrise when possible, which means about 4.30 AM this time of year. After 2 or 3 legs per day the sailors will reach a base camp that changes every night. Sauna and dinner awaits the sailors as reward for their effort and then some well deserved sleep. This repeats for 4 days until the finish at Fjäderholmarna in central Stockholm on Wednesday the 9th of August between 3 or 4 PM.

The race can be followed in real time since the boats are equipped with trackers. Each day a selction of pictures will be released on Facebook and short films will be published on A few weeks after the race a program will air on Nautical Channel with a reach to 42 countries around the world.