A first day with shifty conditions

After a morning with good winds the fleet had lunch-stop at Mörtö-Bunsö, refueling for the afternoon. The wind direction offered a up-wind leg and the local weather systems gave all sorts of conditions. Ranging from medium winds and grey clouds to 20 knots of wind and really harsh weather to a sunny finish by our base camp at Rånö.

William Sunnucks and Freddie White are leading after day one:
Sunnucks: “The first thing on my mind now…. I’m cold!!! I should have been in the sauna like everyone else. Today was great racing. We started in almost no wind. This quickly developed into fast reaching conditions with showers coming through. We enjoyed a 7 mile beat with solid wind nd up to 30 degree shifts, with multiple routes through the islands. You think you are going well, and suddenly someone appears miles ahead having found a better route. We were the same speed as everyone else in open water, but our EDGE seems to accelerate very well in the shifty conditions in between the islands. ”

The second race finished with a close battle with Lars Linder/Eric Brunnberg and Leff Dahl/Roger Boden, all finishing within a minute after almost 3 hours of racing.