Live GPS tracking makes race easy to follow has been chosen as provider of live GPS-tracking system for the F18 Raid Worlds. It is truly great to have GPS tracking in a raid among 36 000 islands where the choice of route is equally important as boat speed to get fast to the finish line.

Traccourse use small GPS devices that weigh only 60 grams. The race will be broadcasted on the internet with location of each participant displayed in real time during the competition and of course for later replay. The positions can be displayed on any device and with Google Maps or a sea chart loaded as a background.

Tracking really ads value in three different ways for audience, sailors and media:

  • Friends and other viewers can follow the race in real time. They will know the time and place for each team before they know themselves.
  • Sailors can replay to analyse route and compare the speed with other teams during the race. It is even possible to download a GPS track of each competitor as GPX file.
  • Film teams can use the replay to visualize how the sailors choose their route between islands and how that effects the result for each leg.