Already 28 teams from 11 countries

With 111 days until the start of the Stockholm Archipelago Raid 28 teams from 11 countries have already signed up. And for the first time in many years both French and Italian teams will join the raid. Other teams come from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Norway, the USA and of course Sweden.

It looks like the fleet will be bigger, stronger and more international than any previous raid since the days of the original ”Archipelago Raid” during the years 2001 and 2009. Some of the teams still lack a team mate or a boat, so it is possible that there are more than two places remaining until the race will be full. But to be on the safe side, book your place before end of May,

Inspirational throw back to the raid 2016 (even if it is the promo film for the Raid Worlds in 2017)