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The event is a non-profit event organised by the Swedish F18-organisation. The entry fee covers the race, security boats and staff, accommodation, food etc. during the 4 days of sailing. To get more information about the race, logistics or help to plan your visit to Stockholm, don’t hesitate to Contact the Swedish F18 association.


To register the team shall

  1. complete the registration form with information about sailors, class (open or mixed), experience, contact information and boat type etc. Please fill out all information carefully since it will be used to contact both team members before and during the event. 
  2. pay the registration fee to the bank account of the Swedish F18 Association (Postgiro, Euro-payment or International payment).

Entry fees per team

Entry period Entry fee
Entry fee prior to 15th June 11 000 SEK
Entry fee from the 16th of June 13 000 SEK
Youth teem, both sailors 26 or younger 2 000 SEK discount

Special rules apply regarding reimbursement, see Notice of Race.

Payment instructions

Foreign teams:

IBAN SE95 8000 0832 7998 3665 5523
Account holder SVENSKA F 18 FÖRBUNDET

Postal address:
c/o Thomas Windrike
Fortvägen 98
187 64 Täby

Swedish teams:
Swish: 123 526 75 05
Svenska Formulaförbundets Bankgiro: 5807 – 3370

Sailors without a boat
For sailors who wish to participate as crew or helmsman but can not bring their own boat, please enter your Contact information and experience here and we will forward this information to any Swedish boats who might lack a team buddy.

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