The raid 2020

The Venue

The Stockholm Archipelago stretches about 80 Nm from North to South and 40 Nm from West to East. It constitutes of roughly 36 000 islands, skerries and rocks.

Passing through Check Point Nassa. Creds: Ollie Hartas #Hartasproductions

The start and goal will be in Saltsjöbaden and the base camps (preliminary) will be from Rånö in the south, Lökholmen in the middle to Fejan in the north.

Preliminary programme

Registration, tune up and welcome meeting is on Wednesday the 19th of August and the race days are from the 20th to the 23rd of August.

Wednesday 19th of August
– 15.00 Registration and equipment inspection, Saltsjöbaden
– 19.00 Welcome and briefing
Thursday 20th of August
~ 09.00 Start, 2 legs
– Base camp TBC
Friday 21st of August
– 2 or 3 legs
– Base camp TBC
Saturday 22nd of August
– 2 or 3 legs
– Base camp TBC
Sunday 23rd of August
– 2 legs
~ 16.00 finish in Saltsjöbaden
~ 18.00 Price giving ceremony

Fleet berthed at Fejan 2019.

A warm welcome to the 20th raid since the first “Archipelago Raid” organized in 2001.

Lars Linder
On behalf of the Swedish F18 Association and Vikingarnas Segelsällskap


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