Entry to the event

Signing up

A boat enters the regatta by

  1. filling in and submitting the sign-up form and
  2. paying the appropriate Team entry fee

A team that has entered is guaranteed a place until the maximum limit of 30 is reached. Included in the Entry fee:

  • Race Committee, Security and Event organisation and speed boats
  • Accommodation in beds in cabins with 4 to 8 people per room
  • Breakfast, lunch sandwich, dinner
  • Photography / media covering the event
  • Snacks and beer at welcome party and prize giving ceremony
  • Sea chart in water resistant material
  • Prizes to the best teams

Team entry fees:

  • Entries received until 31/04/2019 will qualify for the early entry fee 9000 SEK.
  • Entries received from 01/05/2019 and not later than 15/07/2019 will qualify for the entry fee 10 000 SEK.
  • Entries received from 16/07/2019 and not later than 15/08/2019 will qualify for the late entry fee 11 000 SEK
  • Youth teams (both helm and crew shall be under 26 years of age) get a 1000 SEK discount per team.
  • The Entry fee shall be paid in full via bank transfer (see payment instruction below).


  • If a team has paid the entry fee and is for some reason not accepted to participate the whole amount will be reimbursed.
  • If a team has paid the entry fee and decides to withdraw (for any reason) not later than 15/07/2019 all except 1000 SEK will be reimbursed.
  • If a team has paid the entry fee  and one of the team members is injured or ill (should be able to present medical certificate if requested) the whole amount except 1000 SEK will be reimbursed until 15/08/2019.

Sole sailors without a boat

Sailors who wish to participate as crew or helmsman but can not bring their own boat can enter contact information here . Race Organisation will try to pair you up with any other sailors who might lack a team buddy but have a boat.

Payment instructions

Foreign teams:

IBAN SE95 8000 0832 7998 3665 5523
Account holder SVENSKA F 18 FÖRBUNDET

Postal address:
c/o Lars Linder
Värtavägen 11
11553 Stockholm

Swedish teams:
Swish: 123 526 75 05
Svenska Formulaförbundets Bankgiro: 5807 – 3370

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