8 nationalities signed up on the first day

In the first day since registration opened seven nationalities already signed up for the 2018 edition of the Stockholm Archipelago Raid along with Swedish teams from all parts of Sweden. Many teams are coming back year after year, and every year new sailors also sign up for the adventure.

For the first time in some years there will be French teams on the starting line. Pierre Yves Moreau and Benoit Lequin sailed the “old Archipelago Raid” and are now back. Off-shore sailor Louis Luc is coming for the first time.

The youngest team so far is the Australian team with Lucy Nissen (1999) and Jai Tooley (2000) who use to sail foiling Nacra as well as F18 with good results and high ambitions. Hopefully they will be joined by other Youth teams.

Other teams come from the UK, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland and the USA. Clearly this edition will be both as competitive as last year’s and at the same time with lot’s of interesting people who share the love for the sport, nature and adventure. The Stockholm Archipelago Raid.

Picture: Leff Dahl and Roger Bodén nose diving on a windy day of the raid 2016.

Invitation to the Stockholm Archipelago Raid 2018

The preliminary Notice of Race for the 2018 edition of the Stockholm Archipelago Raid is ready. It will be 4 days of intense sailing among the 36 000 rocks and islands that are the Stockholm Archipelago. The base camp will be on Lökhomen, Sandhamn which is located in the middle of the archipelago with 35 Nm to Söderarm in the North and 45 Nm to Landsort in the South.

Each morning at breakfast there will be a briefing where sailors will get information about Check Points, depending on wind and sea conditions. After a full day of sailing a cold beer in the sauna is a nice warm up before dinner buffet in prepared by our chef in the charming old boat house.

Teams will sleep in cabins on the beautiful island that is just next to sailing hub of Sandhamn. Every hour until 2 AM there is a boat going back and forth for those who wants to hang out with other sailors or take a look at the charming village inhabited all year round.

30 teams will be accepted and registration opens on the 1st of April, first come, first serve.


The raid takes place from the 23rd to the 26th of August 2018. The start and finish line will be outside KSSS in Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm.

Preliminary program 

  • Wednesday 22nd of August:
    15.00 until finished: Registration, measurement and safety inspection
    19.00 Welcome and briefing
  • Thursday 23rd of August
    Start 10.00, 2 legs planned
  • Friday 24th of August
    Start between 6 and 9 AM
    2 or 3 legs planned
  • Saturday 25th of August
    Start between 6 and 9 AM
    2 or 3 legs planned
  • Sunday 26th of August
    Start 9.00 AM, 2 legs
    ~ 16.00 finish in Saltsjöbaden
    ~ 18.00 Price giving ceremony

The first day the course will go from the inner, trough the middle, to the outer archipelago and the island Lökholmen/Sandhamn where our base camp for all 3 days will be. Sandhamn is the sailing metropolis of Stockholm and the perfect place for raid legs in all directions depending on the winds. To the South one day, to the North the next. Or maybe even to the East rounding the Light house of Svenska Högarna weather permitting.

At the base camp Lökholmen there is a great sauna, good food by our own chef and party in our own house “Varvet”.  All this and accomodation is included in the price.

Join the action in 2018

The Stockholm Archipelago Raid 2018 will take place on the 23-26 of August, 4 days of intense sailing. At the base camp: sauna, food and drinks before the next long day of sailing begins. The course will bring sailors to the outer, arcane rocks and skerries where seals, birds and naked rocks will be their only company.

Registration opens on the 1st of April. Maximum 30 teams will be accepted for logistical and safety reasons.

Filmed at the F18 Raid Worlds 2017, credit to Hamnen.se.

All winners since the first raid in 2001 can be found in the F18 Hall of Fame.

Stockholm Archipelago Raid on Nautical Channel

Starting Monday 4th of September Nautical Channel starts broadcasting a 1 hour programme from the F18 Raid Worlds in 42 countries dubbed to 4 languages. The programme captures the spirit of the Stockholm Archipelago Raid in an excellent way. The adventure, the tight racing, the Stockholm archipelago, the social aspects and why F18 is the coolest boat to sail. Watch the trailer.

Tune in on your Local TV networks to get the Channel. During the first week the programme will rotate on the following hours:

  • Monday 4 Sep 21:00
  • Tuesday 5 Sep 06:00, 14:00, 23:00
  • Wednesday 6 Sep 03:00, 12:00, 18:00
  • Thursday 7 Sep 11:00
  • Friday 8 Sep 01:00, 08:00, 15:00
  • Saturday 9 Sep 05:00, 13:00
  • Sunday 10 Sep 00:00, 09:00, 17:00
  • Monday 11 Sep 16:00

Congratulations to the World Champions

The first F18 Raid Worlds 2017 is over, but the Stockholm Archipelago Raid will be back next year.

Congratulations to the F18 Raid World Champions, Leff Dahl and Roger Bodén and to William Sunnucks / Freddie White on second and Elke Delnooz / Jeroen van Leeuwen on third (winners of the Mixed class)! And all the other 24 teams who got around the course and gained an experience out of the ordinary.

700+ fantastic pictures by Jasper van Staveren, on Facebook.

Daily films by Hamnen.se

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Big thanks to our partners and sponsors who made it possible, and of course to all volonteers who worked 24/7 and where completely awesome.

Final legs towards the City of Stockholm

Yet another day with good winds as the fleet sails into the inner parts of the Archipelago to reach the final destination; the city of Stockholm. A puffy story with two legs, the first to the village of Vaxholm and the second a sprint of just over an hour into the city of Stockholm.

See the video.


Rounding the outpost of Svenska Högarna for the first time

Tuesday was a day of extremes for the sailors. In winds over 20 knots in the open waters of the Baltic Sea they had the time of their lives.

The racing started 6 AM to be able to make 3 legs during the day. Leg 1 was epic. It took the fleet from Sandhamn to the rocky, beautyful archipelago of Gillöga and all the way out to Svenska Högarna, the remote island with a light house. It was the first time ever an F18 raid has passed this place.

Leg 2 started in increasing winds of 20+ knots and a half wind start. The fleet then set gennaker and was screaming up through Fredlarna before reaching the paradise Rödlöga where the little bakery and café became very busy.

Leg 3 was upwind sailing for the first time in two days. Wind now steady 20 knots all the way to the finish line at base camp 3 Nässlingen.

See the video from this epic day.



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