Official Notice Board

Here you will find the Notice of Race and other important information for the sailors as well as messages from the Race Committe during the race, like results for each leg, changes to the sailing instructions, protests etc.

Final results
(Updated 2018-08-26 17:46)

Checkpoint list (Final 2018-08-19)

  1. Checkpoints incl description in Excel (2018-08-19)
  2. Checkpoint list in GPX-format for upload into GPS (2018-08-19)


NOR, sailings instructions etc (last updated 2018-08-17)

  1. The Notice of Race 
  2. Sailing instructions 1.0
  3. Safety equipment check list (print, fill in and bring to registration when the boat is ready for safety inspection)
  4. Start declaration form (print, sign and bring to registration)
  5. ODC Offers to raid sailors

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