27 teams already signed up for the F18 Raid Worlds

With more than 6 months until start 27 teams from 6 countries already signed up. This is a record high number of teams so much in advance and only 23 places remains until the race is full. It also means that the national slots are not filled and all signed-up teams are accepted. From now on teams will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

Some top sailors are among the first to register. Elke Delnooz and Jeroen Van Leeuwen (NED) are coming back, last year they were 5th overall and 2nd in the mixed class. They will be challenged by last year winner Tomas Westergren who will sail with Therese Antman (SWE) winner of the female class last year.

In the mens class Brett Goodall (AUS) who manufactures and sells the C2 model of F18 will do his best to avoid the rocks and get on the podium in tough competition with last years 2nd Dahl and 4th Karlsson / Nordblom.

Youngest sailor so far is Gustav Boestad (19) who is sailing the Stockholm Archipelago Raid for the first time, but who has shown very capable and promising in other raids.