F18 Raid Worlds

In 2017 Stockholm Archipelago Raid will be host for the first F18 Raid Worlds ever! Teams from many countries are expected and the winning team will be crowned the best long distance F18 raid sailors in the world!

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F18 raid Worlds 2017 promo – high res from Lars Linder on Vimeo.

Key features 2017

  • The raid will be tough and demanding with 4 intense days of sailing and 2 to 3 legs per day (at least 9 legs planned).
  • A spectacular course  out into the wilderness of the archipelago, three base camps on different islands and finish line in the heart of the Capital.
  • A maximum of 50 teams (subject to change).
  • Prices for best teams overall, mixed, female and youth teams. The best team overall wins the title.
  • Meals are included during the race days and there will be sauna and good food and music at all base camps and a final party with dinner after price giving.

For more information, follow the event on Facebook.

Welcome to Stockholm Archipelago Raid – F18 Raid Worlds 2017!

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